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This the generation of automation. Save time, Organize and Avoid Human Errors. CRM is the need of the hour for a more organized workplace and better coordination. Ensure better productivity with automated CRM.



With an ERP software system, you can easily integrate planning, inventory purchasing, manage sales, integrate marketing, improve finance, coordinate with human resources, and much more.


Task management

It’s time to take your productivity levels higher. Prioritizing is an important thing to ensure a smooth and effective workflow. View all your tasks, get feedback, assign task and keep the team together with the task management software.


Employee tracking system

Stop micromanaging your employees and be smart with employee management. An employee tracking system allows you to monitor activities remotely. Get updates on time and notify employees at your ease with the employee tracking system software.

Automation is on the track and no single end can be missed out at this competitive age. Businesses have need of different kinds of software to meet the industry goals.

With world class services right at the end of a phone call, ProDigit is there to fulfill your end to end needs to enhance your business.

Remote work management is one of the basic needs of an organization when you need to coordinate a field-working team. Employee tracking software & apps help in better coordination between the employer and the employee ensuring data transparency. The on-field employees will be easily trackable with employment tracking software.

Employee work tracking is not just for keeping a note of the work done, but it also helps in allotment of work remotely. With the software, there are strategic employee tracking reports which give an overview of the employee and the work completed by them.

This is a kind of business support tracking which will help a company to improve the sales numbers. The ERP Software System thus in a way keep the record with sales tracking.

So, if you were till now racking your brains on how to improve finance, the answer lies right in front of you.

Get the idea CRM for business that will help you in your business by providing the best marketing automation support.

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