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Design to win, design to slay, and design to stand out… Prodigit is all about winning, slaying and standing out with whatever the clients ask for



How is a brand built? Being an innovative maverick we know there is no shortcut to success. But we assure you to transform your business into a Brand. Get ready to become the unicorn among the horses. Let’s brainstorm on your branding strategy, get you an awesome yet meaningful logo, and have some cool branding collaterals and stationery.


Illustration & icons

Let’s assume you present your brochure to give your primary business introductions. How about you have a professional business presentation that smarty shares a sneak peek into your business. Look matters and so let’s not compromise on illustrative arts and favicons. With the special social media kit, we have the mantra to make your content go viral.



There’s no place of boredom in the digital world. To keep the eyes glued and give a dose of constant entertainment you need videos. Revolutionize the appeal of videos with animated videos that illustrates the info through an exciting storyboard. Story sells. Time to master the art of storytelling with visual vibrancy and enticing voiceovers.

What makes a brand different from others? Apparently, the look and feel of the brand is what makes a brand identifiable. Branding is all about creating the look and building a personality of the brand. As a branding and design agency, we cater to the needs of making creative branding posts for our clients. But is that anything new? No.

What we say is that we can create a difference with our branding strategies. Now, let us explain what does a branding designer do? A branding designer gives a personality to your brand and ensures that the same visual communication is present in all your marketing collaterals. From your business cards to your formal business presentations- nothing should lose the tone and look of the brand.

Our branding designer can also help you by guiding you with the best letterhead formats or best design formats for branding.

Our services branding includes logo design services as well. As you partner with us, we can assure you to improve your brand visibility with top branding design PSD templates.

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