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Hello All! Before anything let us give a declaration. We believe in 100% transparency and so we won’t promise you anything that we cannot do in reality.



We take a holistic approach to online business strategy, web development and online marketing. We discover niches within industries, and we apply proven methods to help businesses grow.


- Branding & Design
- Website Development
- Content Development
- Digital Marketing
- Software Development
- Server Management

Why ProDigit?

ProDigit is the newbie with a difference. Who does not need new ideas for their business?

If your business is waiting for a new zeal, try out innovations in your digital strategy that you have never thought of.

We do not say to trust us blindly. Check out below. See if these are the 4 things you were searching for. If it matches your needs, say a big YES to ProDigit!

1. Since we are new, we would do everything to ensure that your needs are met and you’re happy with our service. We are eager to please!

2.We are a new age team with new age ideas. Our vision is to disrupt current thinking on digital presence and break digital fatigue.

3.We are not just another digital marketing company. We call ourselves ‘Digital Presence company’. Yes, we will do everything necessary to build a powerful yet beautiful avatar of your company on the digital space.

4.We don’t believe in simply building your website or digital marketing strategy. We will look at all other marketing and corporate strategies of your company and ensure that your online presence complements and co-exists with your offline presence.


We work with you, Not for you

Branding & Design
Website Development
Content Development

Server Management
Digital Marketing
Software Development


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