Guys, if you are passionate about something pursue it! Do not let it fade away. Today, we live in a world where everything has space and scope. In simple words there are multiple dimensions to portray ourselves: Our products and services, our training programs and all our skills. There are ways to earn decently with zero investment!

The world out there has a huge audience who is interested in the thing you want to sell. So, if you have an idea, sell it the right away. And the blessing in disguise is that you can do it with minimal investment. If your idea is strong enough, it will sell eventually. Don’t worry!

There are many benefits of starting a low investment business. First thing, if it seems advantageous you will be a super hit and secondly, you can also have it as a side-business without having to renounce your other income sources. So, isn’t it a great way of ushering in money and more money!

But before reading this blog tell yourselves that there is no shortcut to success! Mentioned below are a few business models and ideas that would catapult your business without much investment.

1. Dropshipping Model

This is a fulfillment model wherein a third party is roped in to sell your product. The products packaging, shipping and delivering are assigned to a third part which would professionally share the profits with you. However, it is you who is going to maintain a congenial relationship with your customer. The customer chooses the product and places an order on your own personal portal only.


2. T-Shirt Designing:

This is a big hit, low investment business. Who doesn’t want to wear a peppy T-Shirt displaying a brand or a logo or anything exciting? If it is a hoodie then people are all gaga about it! This also is a fulfillment model. You can design T-Shirts, hoodies, cups, skirts, hats and probably whatever you might think of, design it and get it sold by a third party.

3. Book launching:

This is serious mind stuff. There are many things you can write about. The range is open. From fashion, coffee shop books, lifestyle, décor and serious fiction the range is unlimited. If you are serious about writing, you can get your skill into the market and earn from it. Believe me! LuLu Xpress and Blurb are the popular places where you can vent your passion for writing on a very low investment.


4. Digital Courses:

If you are learned and master a skill and want many to benefit this is the option you seriously need to consider. The trick of the trade lies seriously lies in designing a perfect course that feels viable for a purchase. So, the trick of the trade is in your hands. Once it is done you can hear the money bells ringing in your bank account frequently. There are websites like Shopify which offer free digital downloads app that lets you offer free digital downloads in your stores.

5. Add social service to your business work:

Business surveys say that people get attracted to certain brands when they are associated to a cause. For example, “A percentage of your fee goes to Cry (an NGO)”. So here’s your chance to earn and also give it back to the society. Feels beautiful isn’t it?


6. Sell services:

Inspirational writers, meditation and yoga instructors can now have their minimum business investment the services they offer. You bookthatappointment, bookanappointment app from Shopify to book a class or buy a ticket from your store.

7. Fashion Stores:

If you are a passionate fashion designer. Create your page on Social Media and see magic happening. There are many Fashion pages on Facebook and Instagram that generate business like never before. The thing is you need to showcase attractive and authentic stuff. Ethnic fashion is hot property. The only challenge that needs to be overcome in this business is gathering a clientele that validates your claims.


8. Homemade food business:

If you are a diehard foodie there are quite a few successful online homemade food delivery businesses like Licious, Lippia and many more. If your budget isn’t allowing you to go on that large scale you can have your own social media pages showcasing colorful and delectable food you prepare and deliver. Once you become successful in making people drool over your dishes, there won’t be any looking back.

We’ve tried to get together many business ideas for your success. Once again, remember, there’s no shortcut to success. And the success of your business solely depends on your intention and authentic skill. If it is to pile up money, I am afraid it won’t turn out to be much fruitful. So, dedicate yourself to your product and project. Help others. Make them feel happy. Stay committed and consistent. Educate them. Earn!

Thank you!

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