Summary: High Bounce Rates? No visitors on the website? Time to rework on your website design.

Is your website passing the 15-second test? Don’t get surprised to know that this is the average time which decides whether the visitor is going to stay on your page or drift to the hundreds of other competitors.

Bounce rate is a problem that most website owners face. But better to bang the right chord rather than banging your head. Find out the reasons and work on it and you are all set to take it to the next level.

But how to work bounce rates? Let’s point out the probable reasons for your bounce rate:

• Low page quality
• No engaging visual
• Visitors are not finding the info they are searching for
• Audience not matching the TG of the page
• High loading time
Now, let's break the good news to you. There is one solution to all the above-stated problems. And the solution is: Professional Website Designing

Now you might question why do I need a professional website design when I can create one for free. Hold your thought there! We will give you an explanation to that as well.

Your website is an integral part of your presence in the digital world. But your establishment of online presence does not end in just creating a website. As long as your presence is not visible to the world it is the same as being dead.

The design of the website is an important part of digital marketing How? Find out below:

1. It gives the first impression of the company

The first impression is the last impression. Yes, we know we are beating the same old drum yet again but that is the golden word which is to be repeated. Visitors come to your page to judge you as a company. Accept it and move on to the next step. Impress your visitors. You have only 15 seconds.

If the look is not impressive and enough captivating you lose the visitor. They would hardly care to stop and look at what are you offering. This way you will miss out prospective leads without even getting a chance to persuade.

Offer something that keeps a visitor hooked and engage them and allow them to know more about your exclusive services.

2. Impact on SEO

Why is SEO done? To cut the long story short- to bring your page at the top of the search engines so that you get high website views. Here you need to understand that if you are not having a proper website design, your efforts in SEO is turning into vain.

So, to put it simply- website design and SEO complement each other. There are certain web design elements that improve SEO.

3. Website engagement

Your website is like a customer service representative. It must be inviting bright, and modern in the look. Your website must give the impression that you are welcoming people just like an invited guest at your home. Create impact. A viewer should have the urge to find out more.

By now, we hope that you have understood why you need a professional web design. But if you are still not convinced, let’s give you another blatant reason.

4. Your competitors are doing it, so you must

If you want to stay ahead or even be in the competition, follow your competitors whom you think is doing better than you.

With better website design, you can be ahead of the competition. If you are providing the same services at similar prices as your competitors, the high-quality website design is the catch. Showcase the features and services in a unique way that makes your audience choose you over your competition.

With so much discussion about the importance of good website design, now you might want to know what is a good website design.

“Good Website Design” is not a parameter, but a goal. If you ask professional web designers what is a “good website design” you will get various kinds of answers. The best designs are actually those which give you results.

To get results from your website, you must ensure that all the 7 important elements of web design are present on your website. So, what are these 7 important elements?

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