Summary: To be honest, we will not give you strategies here. Because there is no single win-it-all strategy in digital marketing. Here we will discuss the areas where you want to work as a new digital marketer.

Let’s start with the fact that digital marketing is a huge arena where you can enter easily but the end territory is nowhere to be seen. It’s huge and ever growing.

Considering the fact that the reader is new to the digital marketing world, here, we will stick to the basics of digital marketing and explain how it is the biggest form of marketing in the current scenario.

You see that link on your search engine is because the digital marketers are making you see it. Not just the search engine, every social media post, every ad, every pop up you see, every promotional mail you receive is the result of digital marketing.

So, now let’s explain how this works.

1. Knowing the customers

The internet population is huge. For each product today, there are ample of options trying to be pushed in from thousands of companies. The goal of every business is to reach you. Digital marketing is that smart bridge that tracks user activity and shows what matches your preference. Businesses have their target groups to whom the marketing is targeted.

If you are a new digital marketer, let’s make it simple- targeting the customers is one of the most crucial parts of digital marketing. For e.g. you will not want a posh restaurant ad to be shown to the rural audience as that is not relevant for them. Targeting is the area where most business strategies fail as often the right audience is not targeted at the right time.

2. Building a marketing strategy

This is a plan. There’s no formula, no calculations, no strict procedure to follow. It is a plan that involves innovative ways to reach the audience. There is no single strategy that will work for every brand. Each brand is different.

For e.g. let’s consider a shoe brand. The product is the same for all brands. But the tones of communication are different. That’s what differentiates a brand from another. Identifying the brand ethos and probable customer is important to decide the marketing strategy of the brand. After this one can move into the technicalities and the digital mediums through which the customer needs to be reached.

Every brand has a story to tell. The job is to master the art of storytelling. Once the campaign is planned the budget is to be decided and soon after the ads are run the marketer starts tracking the progress. There are several benchmarks of success. Decide that before you plan a campaign.

3. Traffic generation and lead conversion

Ok! This is the next step after planning a strategy. You need to pool in people to be a part of the strategy.

Here SEO plays an important role. Relevant traffic is to be generated.

Suppose you have a website, your job is not to bring in random people. There are many digital marketers who perform black hat techniques to bring in visitors to the site. But the bounce rates are high in such scenarios. There might be an instant rise in the number of visitors but the result will not be stable. In such a case, the page ranking gets highly affected. Now transforming those leads into leads is the next hurdle. Here your website content and look plays the role of a moderator.
Plainly put, the better you impress the visitors, the higher are your chances of these visitors to transform into potential leads.

4. Using social media channels

When talking about reaching the audience, what can be a better way than social media. We see everyday people are hooked into their cell phones. Head bowed down, eyes squirmed and fingers scrolling down the mobile all through the day for searching something that no one knows. If the content is fire, then social media the gasoline added to it.

Digital marketers take advantage of the scenario and thus there is a great extent of social media ads that are shared like crazy. So, going viral in social media- is that the goal? No.
The idea is to build the brand name. The name of the brand must come repetitively in front of the eyes.

Creating the urge of buying. Making users drool over your products is also marketing which has chances of transforming into leads somewhere down the line.

5. Content is the KING

You are reading this article. You were watching a video before this. Next, you might check your mailbox and go to the promotions tab. Every Thing. Everything you see on the internet is content. But as Mari Smith candidly says, “Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!”

There is no point in so much content production if there is no engagement. So, creating relevant content is important.

To conclude the sea of digital marketing, we can say that there is no end to it. We will talk more in detail about each of the elements of digital marketing. Comment below with your queries and feedback. We’ll love to get the chat going.

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