What is the last brand you saw? Maybe on a hoarding or while scrolling down your favorite social media page.

Everyday, we come across so many brands but we only remember those brands that are really popular. So, as business owners, you might drop the ultimate bomb of asking the question: How can your brand become popular?

Let’s go step by step to give you the answer.

If you are new in the business, it is quite obvious users will not be aware of your brand. Often a term is used: a big brand. The fact is there is no big or small brand. It is all about the right branding of a business that makes it a popular brand. Now let’s get back to the first question. The last brand you saw.

If you think closely, you might have forgotten the brand name. Might be, all you can recall is the color or maybe the celebrity you saw involved in the advertisement.

That is the power of design. There is a journey of a business to become a brand. This journey does not touch the end line in a day. It is build up just like a building.

The long term result of branding will reap and that will include customers. Branding has proven to inherit elements of loyalty, familiarity, and trust in the brand from the customer’s end.

It creates an emotional connection with a company that is very essential for a business that wishes a strong customer base. In this journey of branding, few things remain consistent. Color of a brand. Yes, every brand has few colors that define the ethos of the brand. To give you a small example, think about any leading food brand. It has the color red. There are other factors like fonts, icons, and other graphical elements that remain a part of branding.

By saying this what we want to focus on; is consistency.

Consistency is important for brand recognition

You will not hear any company saying: I don’t want to impress my consumers/customers.

Whatever business you are running, you want your clients to be happy. Because always remember who is paying for your coffee? Impressing your clients is the golden rule of any business. Once you are able to win the hearts of your customers/consumers/clients, your half work is done. This is called brand recognition. This is not always about how your brand looks. But the next time, there is a need for the same service, they would know who should they look for. Branding is not just the role of designers, but of course, a designer has a vital role in branding. The designers make sure that every visual communication is consistent and is being at par with the brand’s identity. Consistency is important here. You cannot talk pink one day and next day your communication is all rough and rugged.

This is like a personality that needs to be developed. The audience must recognize the brand. And once that recognition, it is suggested to do absolutely anything to hold that strong. In any case, the reputation of your brand is in rough waters, make sure you work out to shove away the negativity. Right recognition has the power to push sales which is sometimes more effective than any marketing plan.

Branding is not an overnight success formula so it is not simple as it sounds like. It requires proper research that will help you to understand your target audience and what exactly your TG is expecting from your brand.

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