We said we’re a new kid on the block! That doesn’t mean we are inexperienced! ProDigit team currently holds the combined experience of 100+ years in Digital Marketing and Website building.

We are not just a bunch of creative nerds banging at our MacBook Pros. Of course, we do have such bat-crazy guys around, but we also have matured professionals who believe in processes and systematic approach to meeting corporate goals.

Yes, we do have a bunch of creative nerds banging at their computers. You’ll agree that we need such crazy guys and gals around, if we want to disrupt the digital world and rewrite the belief systems. And yes, they are quite eager to make a difference too, but don’t worry. They are reasonably tempered by our process-loving matured leaders!

We believe in customer trust. From the moment we are introduced to you, you will see an overwhelming eagerness from us to gain and build on your trust. You can work comfortably and peacefully with people you trust. And we are that people.

We don’t have any hidden clauses. We have clearly defined costing strategy that places customer at the centre. We are aware that Transparency is the direct sibling of Trust, and there is no trust without transparency. Our pricing will be quite transparent, and we will ensure that you never feel short-changed.

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