Hi Guys, there are millions of websites in the virtual world. They are designed very beautifully that could leave you spellbound. Website design has great competitive quotient. Your website needs to be beautiful and effective inside out. Otherwise, very soon the visitors of your site will realize that it is just an attractive virtual page without much meaning and essence in it. It does not explain or talk about the products or services they are interested in. What good is such a website? And on the contrary during a Google search , your website would not show right on the top of the search engine result page owing to its poor quality and inadequate information. Is that not a sad thing? Creating a website is not the only thing. Doing proper Search Engine Optimization for your site and creating that perfect landing page is equally, in fact, more important.

What exactly is a landing page?

Before delving deeper into the topic we need to know what a landing page is. A landing page is that website page where you want to move your traffic from any digital channel. For example, you are scrolling your Facebook newsfeed and you have seen an Facebook advertisement there, you have clicked on it and you got redirected to a product page of Amazon, this page where you got redirected is called the landing page for this promotion. Now, without me having to say a lot about the landing page you would subconsciously understand that it has to be the most attractive and most informative page to land. And definitely, the information provided on the page needs to be so effective that the visitor feels no need for further search.

Here are some more facts about website landing page design  of a website that you need to inevitably know:

1. Marketers create landing pages for several reasons. Most of the time eCommerce companies create landing pages for specific products for special offers. Again some marketers create landing pages to show services, products, offers, or any important thing they want to show to increase website traffic. This is how any marketer can select any special thing he/she is offering and get attention from virtual traffics.

2. Your website’s landing page should have specified keywords and the content should be quite precise and effective. If the page has flowery language and more- than- needed graphics, over necessary content, the visitor would yawn and click on another page.

3. Although technological and technical write-ups do not show much inclination towards grammar and syntax, yet the language used on the landing page does have an impact on the reader. If the write-up is full of redundant, flowery, improper and grammatically incorrect constructions, he/she will not even want to cast a second glance on your website.

4. The landing page must be the most authentic page of your website with quality assurance certificates, testimonials and other relevant certificates that vouch for your products and services. All these client testimonials and quality assurances will heighten up sales by increasing the traffic on your website.

5. Keep the Landing Page persuasive. Convert the visitor into a potential customer and then make him purchase the product or service by effectively inviting him/her to take necessary action immediately. This you can do by showcasing your attractive offers and discounts.

6. Have quick navigation options on your landing page. Do not give your visitor a luxurious time frame to relax, yawn and swing in a hammock. Persuade him/her to become your customer intelligently. But remember, your customer is very precious to you. So, keep the love and empathy factors intact too.

7. Keep researching your landing page almost on an incessant basis. Do AB Split testing and all the latest emerging tests that will help you stand in the forefront.

8. The virtual world travels with the speed of light. So, you cannot afford to keep things stagnant for a long time. Change the colors, change the presentation, the text, whatever is possible- regularly and frequently to make it effective. Try with various creative graphics. But remember the information that you are providing is superior to all these things.

9. Ensure that you take the necessary information from the visitor when he lands on your page. Keep the information boxes tacit and attractive. Ask questions that might interest him. At the same time do not make the visitors write theses. They won’t and they will run away for sure. Because many people find writing quite boring.

10. Everything that isn’t visual doesn’t appeal. It is as simple as that. Have videos and instant chat options (24/7 preferably) on the landing page. Create videos with effective content that helps the visitor with the problem, he/she has. Video content and presentation should also take the utmost care of language, vocabulary, pronunciation, accent, and grammar. Speak less and speak sense to keep your videos effective.

Finally, remember that the landing page is the heart of your website. Keep it beautiful, organized and highly informative. Showcase your offers, deals, and discounts with a punch of loving care for your visitor. Don’t make your visitor read, read and read. Realize he/she will never! Give precise information under punchy headlines.

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