Coronavirus has awakened the world on an alarming note. A virus that has been detected in the “Wuhan” Province of China was unique and obscure to the world so far. The death rate since then has been on the higher side in Wuhan killing the victims in a minimal time frame. Wuhan has been quarantined and people from other countries were sent back to their native places in an innocuous way in a lightning pace. Wuhan on the world map remained as an isolated entity who nobody dared to touch. The virus seemed to be a death angel sparing none it hit. Scientists and Doctors have been working round the clock relentlessly since then.

The catastrophe reached greater heights when strains of COVID19 were sprouting from various parts of the world with one or three persons from all over the globe, here and there, were tested positive for the virus. The entire world has been shaken by a microscopic virus. Political honchos too are being cautious and cancelling their international privies. The deadly virus has been compared to Ebola, Influenza, SARS, Anthrax and many more which usually attack the respiratory mechanism of the human body and destroy it in no time. They are saying that COVID 19 is deadlier than the above mentioned viruses and it needs at least 9 months time for the scientists to be able to create a viable cure. The world has turned topsy-turvy. This is all false. The story has something else to offer.

As they say every black cloud has a silver-lining, the fizz and delirium created around the virus can be tackled if we try to understand the nature of it. The virus is deadly, no doubt about it but the symptoms of it start showing in a spectrum. That means, for some people the attack could be dangerous and fatal but for the others the attack is usually mild. And the latter statement is applicable for most of the detections. When the person has been infected in a mild way, a proper treatment plan could save him or her. Some benign cases require no treatment at all.

Newer and saner versions of arguments have come from various corners of the world requesting people not to get frenzied as Social Media is responsible for creating this unnecessary fuss. They even supported their arguments that many people in the US almost thousands of them succumb to Flu every year. But, when a Virus becomes famous and chronic, it is taken for granted. There are however many precautionary measures too when observed religiously might keep us from falling a prey to this nasty virus. Coming ahead is a brief history of Coronavirus followed by precautionary measures.

History of COVID19

The WHO observes that the COVID19 Virus has spread from Bats to an animal called “Pangolin” which is trafficked across the globe for the scales it has. It is said that the scales of Pangolin have many healing properties.

The symptoms of COVID19 are fever, followed by a dry cough and shortness of breath (Pneumonia like symptoms, without a running nose though). 80 percent of the detected cases turn out to be mild and benign and can be treated successfully. Around 20 percent cases are reportedly severe. But not to panic about it. Because, only 11 percent of the affected cases turn out to be fatal, and the rest can be saved through an effective treatment plan. The fatality rate as of now has been 2.34% which is very small in comparison with earlier lung related pandemics like Ebola and SARS. Some pandemics have a fatality rate of more than 35%. So, is not COVID19 manageable?

Precautionary Measures

The World Health Organization (WHO) in its latest observation on COVID19 said that the virus is transported through physical contact. The droplets of saliva that spurt from the infected individual’s mouth can reach another person and infect him or her if the person is within the vicinity of one meter since the virus cannot travel beyond a meter. Hence physical touch should be avoided and possible contamination of objects like tables, counters and desktops, handles of fridges and many more should be wiped with disinfectant cleanser. Toilets should be kept very clean. Hands should be washed with an alcohol based hand wash to rule out possibility of any kind of contamination. While coughing, the WHO instructs people to close their mouths with their forearms or a disposable tissue paper and throw it into a trashcan with a properly covered lid. Hence, wearing masks and keeping the surroundings disinfected could snub the widespread of this disease.

Awareness on COVID19 should be generated which has the potential to curb the mania that is spreading around faster than the disease itself. Keep yourself updated by subscribing to the YouTube channel of WHO. This offers a great relief. Because, people make mountains out of molehills.

Thank you!