Languages are beautiful. There is a deep meaning hidden behind every word. So is the word “isolation” that has become almost an oft used word across the globe in the incident of the new Covid-19 outbreak. The word is synonymous with loneliness and solitude. Loneliness has some negative connotation, because it signifies that the object is in need of company and the condition of his/her loneliness might worsen in coming days.

But if we observe the word ‘solitude’ deeply, we at once realize that it is condition the object enjoys. It’s a condition in which a person wants to stay with himself/herself, far from others, for various reasons. Maybe for reflection, meditation, observing nature and absorbing its beauty and many more. So, the good news is that “isolation” can be likened to “Solitude” more than loneliness.

This is not the first time that the world has seen a pandemic. There have been umpteen instances of deadly diseases, epidemics and pandemics throughout the survival of human history. Plagues that have wiped out towns and cities, viruses such as Smallpox that have made people blind and permanently disfigured their faces. Thank God that Covid-19 is not anywhere close to that.

You will be surprised to know that the “Charminar” in Hyderabad was constructed by Mohammed Quli Qutubshah in the wake of a plague epidemic in the year 1591 AD. He did this as a symbolic goodwill gesture. Another deadly Plague hit Hyderabad in the year 1897 during the rule of the 5th Nizam, Mehboob Ali Pasha. Food was being prepared and victims were being treated in the palaces of affluent people, other hospitals and in Osmania General Hospital. History comes to relief during these times, because then we know that what we are suffering from now is much less in intensity and can be overcome through sheer ‘isolation’- if we take it in the right earnest.

What are the things one can do during “Isolation”:

1.Know thyself: People in metropolitan cities have always been in mad rush for materialistic pursuit. They pile up a lot but by the end of the day have no time to enjoy the bounty they have gathered. This is the right time for self-introspection. The things you did. The things you could do. The things that could have avoided doing. Things that you did in the right/wrong way to become the person you are today! Just analyze and get into the nooks and corners of your own self.

2.Maintain a journal: Writing is one of the best types of meditation. Write down all the thoughts that you weren’t able to vocalize owing to time pressure and busy schedules of your near and dear. Pour out all the feelings in your journal without an ounce of hypocrisy.

3.Know your near and dear: How many of us could find time to sit with our aging mothers and fathers? Could we take their hands in ours and talk to them lovingly? We wanted to but we could not. All owing to the above mentioned reasons. This is the time. Talk to them sitting at a distance of at least 2 to 3 meters. Try to know them better. Answer their questions sincerely and responsibly. Give them positive health advice lovingly if you can. If you have pets, love them too!

4.Yoga and Meditation: You can boost up your immunity to the next level by exercising and meditating deeply for at least half an hour daily. There are a zillion videos out there that help you do exercises from the comfort of your bedroom.

5.Indulge in cooking: Give your wife or mother some rest and indulge in cooking seeking their advice. Throw surprise lunches and dinners. Try indulging your kids too in the process and generate loads of humor, good health and above all good will for the well being of this lovely planet.

6.Music and Dance: You missed out on many melodious and dance numbers when you were hell busy with your systems. Now is the time to breathe! Listen to lovely songs, sing and record them in your own voice and trouble your friends for a feedback. Dance is the best way to relax and be happy at the same time. Just do it. It will help you shed down calories too.

7.Read, Read and Read: Read all types of literature- classic, non-fiction, political and what not. Increase your understanding over things. More importantly read your constitution. Know what is happening in your country. Is justice prevailing? Write down the loopholes. Heighten your awareness.

8.Indulge in domestic chores: Take care of your garden. Water the plants, sweep, mop, make the dishes and dust. Give your maid her much needed break too.

Finally, pray to God on a daily basis. This pandemic gives us many lessons to learn. We have burdened the planet with fossil fuel and carbon emissions, for quenching our greed. Not done! Apologize to God deeply and sincerely. Not just for you and your family, but for the globe

Please share your views under this blog. I would like to end this by quoting the legendary Albert Camus from his must-read book “The Plague”:

“They knew now that if there is one thing one can always yearn for, and sometimes attain, it is human love.”

Much Love and Gratitude!